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Why Parnon?

Our History

Parnon Estates is dedicated to delivering the finest Ultra Premium olive oil from our trees to your table.

What customers are saying

“Parnon Olive Oil is hands down one of the best olive oils you will find.”

Customer, Brenda K.

“The cleanest, crisp tasting Greek liquid gold I’ve ever had the honour of using!”

Customer, Stevie (London, UK)

“Oh my gosh, it was AMAZING!!  So grassy, pungent, and vivacious.  Such a bright and intense flavor. I love it! And the bottle is beautiful … like a work of art.”

Customer, Amanda (California)

“A superlative Greek olive oil, second to none. Warm like sunshine and rich like the earth, Parnon evokes one of the finest pleasures in life -- savory to the max!”

Customer, John B.

“Over the years I have used many olive oils including Greek EVOO and I must say Parnon is the best ever. You can taste the quality of the fruit.”

Customer, Lea S.

Powerful health benefits

Health Benefits

Highest production standard

Our Harvesting Method

Authentic Greek Recipes

There is no better way to share our family's rich heritage and the fresh, flavorful taste of our organic ultra premium olive oil with your family than through our favorite authentic Greek recipes. 


Award-Winning & Certified USDA Organic

Olympia Award 2019 High Phenolic E.V.O.O & London IOCC Bronze | Parnon Estates Olive Oil Awards
USDA Organic & Hermes Expo International | Parnon Estates Olive Oil Awards